Sankar Prakash Version 2.0

Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently

“Change starts in your thoughts.”  – A journey starts from 2020 to 2027

Here is a man who has believed success in smart work rather than hard work. He doesn’t believe in luck or in hard work without the so-called “work smart”. It’s not all about how you work hard but it’s about how you manage your time, resources, and mind to work together for a better output. That is what makes this man successful in his life.
Yes, Introducing you one among the well known best Digital Marketer, named Sankar Prakash, he is a successful entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and he is very passionate and dedicated to his work.

He is running a Digital Marketing agency that is involved in the Marketing of Digital goods and providing Saas solutions. He has a huge fan following from various social media. 


Many successful people attribute at least part of their success to having a mentor. The right mentor can provide advice and connections that help their mentee reach heights that would be impossible alone. That is what he got mentorship from Digital Market Giant Deepak, so whatever he learned from his mentorship he has implemented in his personal and professional life. The same thing he wanted to cultivate for his mentee, he said.

Social Responsibilities

‘Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.’ –Aristotle

He focuses efforts on CSR, PixelsMonk holds its pride in being one of the most socially responsible companies in its industry. His team visited all the colleges in rural areas and taught them about corporate culture, aware them about new technology and helped the students and enlighten their career. By the way, as a concern, we are responsible for doing these things to society and we empower others.

Success or failure, “Learn through Experiment”

He always wanted to do the experiment whether it is success or failure. By the way he is doing something that has never been done before to train his lizard brain, that will make him confident in a particular thing.

On his personal growth and learnings from being in the role, he said, “Personally, for the last seven years, it has allowed me to test my boundaries on customer obsession, invention, and long-term thinking. I think you never know till you challenge your limits and boundaries of how much you can stretch yourself.”

Living Simple

He starts his day with exercise, yoga, and meditation as these activities help him be in positive vibes for the whole day. He is very much conscious of his food intake. By eating a healthy and healthy lifestyle we can increase our life.

He loves his hometown Tenkasi, it is situated near the foothills of the Western Ghats, and is dotted by many magical waterfalls, beautifully carved temples, and lush green rice fields. No matter where you go, you cannot escape the sea of greenery, intermittently marked by towering palm trees. He is having his office over there in the small town with a team of young energetic fellow. Also he loves traveling and he is travelling a lot but yes during traveling also he takes out a few hours for his work. He loves pets, he likes dogs very much and it makes him feel very light  whenever he plays with dogs. But he is not interested in foreign dogs, he prefers only raising country dogs. This is because maintenance costs such as infection were considered, this way he enjoyed every bit of the moment in his life.