How to automate your business with Zapier?

Zapier Marketing Automation

What are the factors blocking you from automate your business workflow?

Are you spending more time on your business workflow?

Are you struggling to find out right programming developers to make your business workflow?

Are you spending more on your developer’s task?

How it will be if you find any tool that will do automate your business workflow and run a business for you even if you are sleeping. Yes, I am talking about the marketing automation tool, Zapier.

Automate your business by zap creation and make your life easier. It used to connect a lot of applications and automate a lot of things, that you would never know that such things can be automated using different apps.

automate your business

How is Zapier automate your business?

Zapier is a tool that connects two different online tools. Passing data from your web application or any other user feed interface to any other apps in real-time. So in your application, if you want to automate your action part and trigger part, you just need to integrate and wired two things at one time. Let’s say for an example if you want to do your automation in your e-commerce platform when the end-user do a purchase that you need to trigger a mail and SMS along with order details right and in later time you need follow-up them mail like,

How was the experience of using our product? based on that you may collect some detail right so this workflow will continually right. Here is the workflow you can do automation with more tools, let’s say an example with a previous case. When the end-user purchased you need to enter the data in Google sheet from there one or two days you can send a follow-up to upsell/newsletter mail right. So from google sheet you can pick the data and feed it into your email automation tool right, this is how the Zapier automation tool works.

Here in Zapier, they are referring to the term Zap & Task. Here is a cost involved in every zap/task. We can create multiple zaps for a different purpose

Zaps vs task

Zap means connecting two apps is zaps (Ex. Blog exit to Google sheets with user mail id and name) and when zap is executed then the task is consumed.

Who should use Zapier?

Digital Marketers, Bloggers, and Entrepreneurs can find great value in using Zapier. They are the ideal user of Zapier, they can focus their task and in between, they can do automation with no developer’s involvement.

How the Digital Marketers utilize Zapier to automate your business?

As Digital marketers they can get tasks done without developers. Plug and play tools like Instapage and other tools to create a landing page and get it done and through the Landing Page they get the email list and they can do email automation by trigger a mail. Also, they can remind people within their organization with automation through Zapier. There is plenty of usage with Zapier, the limitation is up to you.

How Data Analyst utilizes this automation?

Data Analysts can collect data from different apps in a single database. They can accuracy of incoming data with Zapier.

How entrepreneurs automate your business

They can save time, money, and manual task. Get data entry work done without humans.

Any Internet User

Internet Users can create different zaps for different purposes for their different personal and professional use.

How bloggers automate your business

Convert your blog into a business

Zapier Pricing Plans

Zapier pricing plans are a little bit tricky to understand. You will be able to learn which plan is the best for you and find out what is the cost per task in each plan.

Zapier Pricing plan comparison

Plan Monthly Cost Zaps Included Task Included Cost per Task Cents
Starter $20 20 1000 $0.020 2
Professional $50 50 3000 $0.017 1.7
Teams $250 unlimited 50,000 $0.005 0.5

When you do not use Zapier?

Let’s say you are using two other tools also in your work as a part of the activity. If these two tools can communicate with each other directly means here there is no role play for Zapier. Otherwise, you may consume some zaps and tasks, instead of that, you can save your zaps and task. Let me point out with some tools, let’s say you have Instapage tool is used to build Landing Page to collect the leads and once the end-user enroll for the subscription you may need to send an email campaign right. Let’s say you are using Active Campaign to do email campaign means, here there is no need to integration through Zapier because already there is some bridge available between Instapage and Active Campaign tool.


With Zapier we can do a lot of integration with 1300+ apps, so by utilizing this tool we can make our online life is easier. Within that integration part if any of our tools are not readily available means we can bypass it through webhooks. Webhooks is writing a web service through that we can route the detail to any applications. So if any ready integration not available this simple webhook plug-and-play will do a lot for us.

We will learn how to create multi-step zaps, how it operates, and how many tasks it consumes. We will also discuss if it is advisable to create multi-step zaps all the time.

Automate your business by sending data from Landing Page to Google Sheets

In this lesson, you will learn how to take data from the landing page and write to Google Sheets. You will also learn how you can pass data from hidden fields for tracking purposes.

Send Data from Blog Exit Popup to Google Sheets

Here, we will have a look at how to capture data from the blog exit popup to Google Sheets. You will also be able to capture the page URL from which the lead was generated so that you can track the quality of the leads and the conversion from the leads.

Automate your business by capturing data from Payment Gateway and Using Filters

Here, you will learn how to use Zapier to capture data from a payment gateway (Instamojo in this case) and how to use Zapier filters to send the correct data across.

Let’s say if u do a payment you want to send a welcome email to the successful payment users means you need to filter the payment status with Credit/Failure. And then pass those data to Active Campaign then pass on to Google Sheet.

How to Use Paths in Zapier

Here, you will learn how to use Paths in Zapier to route decision-making within the Zaps. The conditional-based trigger for the action, so we need to build a decision tree for our trigger works.

How to Send SMS and Use Webhooks in Action Step to automate your business

In this section, we will see how to set up webhooks in an action step when the app doesn’t have a native app integration. Instead of using a webhook from Zapier, we will use the webhook from the app and let Zapier pass data to it.

The biggest question I get about Zapier & workflow automation is that people don’t know where to start. Every business is different, so it’s hard to give examples that apply to everyone, but this article should at least get some ideas flowing.

How to Integrate LandingPage to Google Sheet via Zapier:


Pabbly Connect:

How to Create an Affiliate Program with Zapier (Example of Multizap Creation)

Here, you will learn how to create an affiliate program for your products using Zapier. You can also set up payment notifications for your affiliates by integrating with Gmail.

Let’s say you need an affiliate system,

So you have a product in Instamojo and you may create multiple Discount codes for multiple people reference for your affiliate products.

First Zap for automate your business:

So when end-user purchase Instamojo pass the data to Zapier

In Zapier webhook get the data and write it to Autoresponder tools like Active Campaign, Encharge, and Google Sheet “A”(For all purchase)

Second Zap for automate your business:

(Let’s say you need to share all of your affiliates that how much referral they made)

So Whenever Google Sheet A, filled another trigger will come in a place where if this particular key (Referer) means fill another B – Google Sheet, with required detail to know for them to understand how many sales they made.

How to Update Google Sheet Rows with a Search Step

In this section, we will learn how to update a row on Google sheets by using a search step function. Zapier will find a row against a specific value, like an email ID and it can update a specific column in the row. This is one of the best features of Zapier.

You may have different sources making lead, but which source making the effective cost per lead.

Saying an example,

Let’s have a spreadsheet with user info each against different columns like products. Whether that particular user done /visited the link that we can track and updates against each user row. With the help of the search step of google sheet. It’s consuming more zap/task, so whenever we consider this kinda zap we need to run only if we are making decisions based on sales made, only if we are making sales that time we can run a zap because of more tasks consuming.


From Active Campaign contacts, we will tag the user when they click the respective course link with tags (We only going to add).

From there filter contact tags contains this tag means, we can search the email in the existing sheet with search step.

automate your business
Zapier multizap Creation

Please refer to the below screenshot for the lookup column for the google sheet in the Zapier interface.

automate your business
Zapier Lookup Column

I hope you enjoyed each component of the Zapier Marketing automation tool, still more we can discuss in the next article. Please keep on exploring Zapier and please drop your valuable feedback in the comment sections.

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