The Beginner’s Guide to Website Development


What is domain mean?

What is hosting?

What is web development?

What are the roles are involved in web designing?

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions this article will help you out. This article about basic to some advanced level of website development.

In this article, I am going to talk about website development compare to building construction. Cause my father is a building contractor and I grew up with his construction work. So I pretty much know about the construction work, so where ever possible I used to relate any stuff with construction work. So with the same method of comparison, I am going to explaining to you about web development so that everyone can easily relate and understand what is the website? How it is working with multiple components?

Let’s dive into the topics Guys!

When we start to build the home we need a land area, we need an outline of the house, we need to look for a builder to construct the house, we will be looking for a painter, plumber, electrician, and finally, we will have an address for the land.

The same thing will be applicable when you build a website for u. So you need a domain for address, hosting for space, website mockup for your website, web developer for your website to develop and UI/UX developer, SEO content writer.

Don’t worry I will explain in detail each element item.

What is Domain?

Let’s start with the domain first. So if you are going to build one house definitely you will have a house address right. Same as on the web every website will have an address that is called a domain address. Some prefer a free domain some will buy a paid domain. You may come across some free domain site will be like, so for that you no need to spend any amount but if you going to buy any domain you need to pay and map the domain to your space.

So now you have a question of what you mean by space here?

Hosting is your space here, there you can place your file that is going to be served to the end-user when he is going to enter your domain address.

What is more about hosting?

Depends upon the land area you spent the amount right. Likewise, if you go for more capacity you have to pay more. When your site is more engage with your end-user the site visitor will be high and your website should respond that much bandwidth user depends upon bandwidth you have to select your hosting plan. Like either you are looking for two BHK house or three BHK.l house

When you go for hosting, we need to consider the below points.

  • Affordable Prices for a high quality
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • PHP 7.4 Support
  • 1 Click Installer
  • Security

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What are all the different hosting providers are there?

Find below a list of some of the leading hosting providers, you can buy your hosting here,

Hope you are clear with your address and land area purchasing, I mean your domain and hosting plan.

How to Create a Website Layout(UI/UX)?

Next, we can talk about your housing plan, yes outline for your website is more important which is a mockup. So before your construction, you will reach out to a sketch drawing plan for your dream home right. Here only the UI/UX developer role came. Let me split into two UI and UX stands for User Interface and User Experience. So what is the role of UI and UX is, how you are making an outline with vasthu. The same principle UI developer will follow where we have to place the menu, logo, action button, testimonials, etc…

So what is the role of UI developer? The UI developer converts your outline/mockup to HTML design. So you will get your websites with raw HTML like how the painter will paint your house. Either this color or that color opts for the hall, kitchen, and kids room, that is how the UX developer create a mockup and the UI developer convert into HTML pages.

So what is civil work here? I got your point so you are asking about building a website right. Before building your website we need the above key things which we discussed. So the guy who is going to build a website will take a look at the mockup then he will come up with some themes. Once the theme is ready we can construct our website element and wiring into a page then bundled together as a website.

How you are going to build your website? You have an option like you can outsource your website building to freelancers like me or you can build your own. If your outsourcing, you no need to worry about material supply and labor work right. So here if you outsource you no need to worry about things not working, you just simply follow the schedule and getting the works done and deliver it.

What you mean by outsourcing your website work?

If you are developing from scratch you can do some base work and part of the development toy can outsource like how the builder outsources the plumbing, electrician, and sub-contract work. Am I clear with your doubts so far?

When you do so, you may go for some readymade windows, doors, furniture, to buy instead of making it everything. Here also for some functionality instead of spending more time on a single piece of functionality we used by some plugins to get the work done very fastly effective manner so that we can concentrate more on website core development. I can say an example when we need to display a carousel on the home page to get the user’s attraction so what we will do is, we will either go for a free plugin with the limited feature or a premium plugin with unlimited feature.

Once the website development is over we will deploy it in the server, how the builder turnkey project works that is how we end up the website development.

Wait it’s not over!

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What is mean by Site Maintenance?

When you have done your construction as a builder you will 3 to 6 months of free service for any leakage anything broken. That is how on the website also we need to monitor where we have memory leakage, what are all the broken links are there, need to take a backup, if any issue we need to roll back our backup to make the site to older stage.

We end up with making the website is easy but we have to maintain the website and secure from attackers, and information hijackers. There are many things we can discuss website development. I think these comparisons more than enough to know about website development.

I hope I have cleared all your doubts about website creation, what are all the role comes in website development. What are all the different aspects of website designing? I want to know what you feel about my style of knowledge sharing please drop your comments below. Constructive feedback always welcome. I will come with other topics for you to stay in tune with me.

Thank you all for reading till here.

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