Why Business Email is more important than Personal Email

Business Email

Do you know what meant by Business email and Personal Email?

Want to grow your business online?

If you are looking for a business email account for your business and how to create that business email account. This article will help you to give clarity on that and provide a suggestion on how to set up your business email account and how to grow your business with your email marketing.

A business email address can improve your credibility in your business and makes your communication consistent and it will create brand awareness.

Set up your business email account in google Gsuite, from there we can do the configuration of your email account with a suitable pricing plan for you and we can buy a new domain for you if you’re looking for a new domain else you can use your existing one.

Business Email vs Personal Email

Business email is used only for business communication with your business website’s domain and a Personal email address is used for our personal use. Let’s say I am using reachme@sankarprakash.com as my business email address for business-related enquiries whereas for my personal communication I used my Gmail account.

Importance of Business Email

Imagine you are looking for flowers in a lot size for the decoration, so you are advertising in any of the portals saying that if anyone will offer better price and able to delivery reach to your email address. Next day you received two emails for the enquiry you made through advertisement, one email is from john@email.com and another one is nick@jasmineflorist.com. Which one you will prefer to make a reply immediately.

Obviously, the second one, cause the email you received it from the business email and its relevance to the profession florist by that way the business email creating credibility in the business.

Now you know about the importance of having Business email right,

According to the survey stats the open rate of business email is more than the personal email across the business people.

Creating a business email address can be less effort but it will impact huge result in your business enquiries. You will get to know the power of business email is only having your business email address. Let’s say you have team members who are sending a business email with your business email for various enquiries like support, sales and customer executive, you can create the number of the business email account for each team’s purposeful like,




this way you can segregate and handle each enquiry in an effective manner. By seeing the mail itself it came to know that if any sales related queries the end-user know that they can drop an email to sales@jasmineflorist.com, and any support related query can reach at support@jasmineflorist.com right.

Not only sending an email,

You can create brand awareness across the people while you are sending an email to them, your email address will remind them of the company you represent.

It doesn’t matter whether you have company size is one or more, for having multiple emails account. It’s easy to afford for businesses of all sizes.

Let’s say if you are the only employee of your business you can have multiple email account that will handle different business communications. But from the end-user perspective, they feel like they are getting a response from each team, sound good right.

If you want you can create multiple accounts, it’s scalable and it’s up to what is your company size.

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Where to get a Business Email Account

There are many service provider are there in the markets are Google Gsuite, Zoho Email, Office 365, Rackspace. Within that Gsuite and Zoho workplace are the best option for us. They are giving good services at affordable prices. IF you want to create your account in Gsuite click on https://www.google.com/gsuite, else got for Zoho workplace in the following URL https://www.zoho.com/mail/zohomail-pricing.html

Here the comparison between Gsuite and Zoho https://www.zoho.com/workplace/gsuite-alternative.html?src=ft

Before creating a Business email account make sure you have the right domain name for your business. If you don’t have registered domain name please use the below my affiliate link to create a domain name for your business. To create a domain you need to search your domain availability if it is available then you can purchase it in your account else you go for a similar name.

Take away from this article,

  • Brainstorm picking the right domain name for matching your business
  • Domain availability and prefer .com extension domain or respective niche related like if it is education business you can go with .edu extension.
  • Once you finalised the domain name and availability go and register your domain name.
  • Decide how many email addresses you are looking for different communications like info@, sales@, etc…
  • Pick the right Email service provider, and compare feature and pricing. Create a premium account with the service provider, and set up your email account
  • Set up automatic forwarding email setup with an automatic process, to keep engage your customers.

If you are having a hosting, the hosting provider will give free email account, you can start using that also. And you can configure your free email account in your Gmail mobile application too, here the link to configure your free email account

I hope you got some clarity on choosing a business email account for your business. Please drop your comments.

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